Crescent City Classic COUNTDOWN:

Training Tips



39th Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic 10k 
Guide to 10k Training Schedule 2017

By: Virginia “Gini” Davis, Physical Therapist
Crescent City Physical Therapy a Division of Moreau PT
CCC10k Training Director

*All runners/walkers should consult their physician before initiating this training program.  It is important to inform your personal physician of all family health history. 

COMMIT TO IT!  RACE DATE:  Saturday, April 15, 2017    

The CCC 10k Road Race is always held on Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. This year Easter is not until Mid-April, thus a few extra training weeks are available to prepare for Race Day on Saturday, April 15, 2017.  However, there is no time to waste, whether you are a Walker, Jogger or Runner wanting to participate in this World Class Running Event! Begin to train NOW, train early and train smart!


YES, register NOW as a testimony to your commitment!  An added bonus:  EARLY registration is LESS expensive.  Registration fees increase the longer you wait to register.  Many use the CCC 10k Training Guide as the focus for their New Year Healthy Resolutions.  January 1, 2017 is the PERFECT time to begin training!  Use the CCC10k 2017 Training Guide available online here or published in the New Orleans Advocate.  REGISTER ONLINE NOW


This training program is designed to be easy and simple.  However, should you need additional information, please email Gini via our website (under Contact Us) with your questions and/or problems.  Area specialty running stores and the New Orleans Track Club (NOTC) have designated group training days – a really fun way to train with others and to meet friendly runners.  These groups are open to ALL racers, runners and walkers – no experience is necessary!  Below is a list of groups and days for you to consult.  Groups train Uptown, Mid-City, City Park, Metairie and Downtown, just to mention few locations. Check with your favorite local store and NOTC for more info.

Runners and walkers may also want to participate in other race events during their training. Of note is the CCC10k sponsored 2-mile St. Patrick’s Day Classic Race on Sunday, March 12, 2017 at 10:00 am on Metairie Road.  Stick around afterward for the St. Pat’s Parade for post-race FUN!

The CCC10k Focus is on Health and Wellness here in New Orleans.  Your COMMITMENT to Running or Walking are great ways to promote YOUR Health and Wellness while having a great event as your reward.  YOU will participate on the same race course with World Class runners and you will enjoy a race event that is ranked among the Top 10 Running Events in the WORLD!


RUN FOR IT!  is the Official CCC10k Charity Runner Program and open to ALL participants.  Yes, ALL participants can register as an Official Charity Runner and ALL of their registration fees will be waived*.

*Official Charity Runners register to participate to raise money for their choice of one of the 13 CCC10k Officially Recognized Charities.  A fundraising minimum of $200 is all that is required to support a wonderful cause.  Each Charity Runner will raise this small amount in whatever way he/she so chooses as a monetary donation.  PLUS, Charity Runners will receive lots of other special, free, PERKS – check the CCC10k website and join the FUN!  It is EASY and will help this special race to their $1M Community Contribution GOAL.  All money raised by RUN FOR IT Charity Runners will stay right here in New Orleans!


The CCC10k Health and Fitness EXPO at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans is Thursday, April 13 and Friday, April 14, 2017 from 10 am – 8 pm!
This EVENT is for EVERYONE!  The EXPO is FREE AND OPEN to ALL registered and non-registered CCC10k participants.   EVERYONE is invited to ALL of the events scheduled including free exercise and fitness classes, educational programs by local health professionals and nutritional food preparation demonstrations by local chefs and nutritionists, ALL for the HEALTH of IT!  We will have featured speakers who will tell stories about the history of the Crescent City Classic, meet the elite runners AND many vendors displaying their most up to date fitness wear, fitness equipment and programs available locally.  It is ALL available at the EXPO! 


Check here for regular updates to the EXPO calendar of events!

Just KNOW:  this is a community event and planned to provide Health and Fitness Education!  SEE YOU THERE!!


  1. Size up your shoes.  Shoes are your most important sports equipment.  Make sure shoes are in good condition and fit properly.  Buy shoes from reputable, local running stores with knowledgeable sales people.
  2. Muscle flexibility is an important part of CCC10k training.  Stretch before and after your training –  primary focus should be on hamstring and calf muscle stretches to ward off nagging injuries in these muscle groups, but do not exclude other muscles around the hips and thighs, especially if you have had a previous injury.
  3. Keep safety in mind when training and avoid training on busy streets when traffic volume is high.  Wear a reflector or reflective clothing when running at night or early morning in low light conditions.  Reflective tape and stickers are sold at running and cycling stores.  Audubon Park and City Park provide great settings and pathways for safe training.  Additionally, the local running stores in your neighborhood offer weekly training runs – a great way to train and to meet others.  Programs are offered for runners and walkers of ALL levels of experience.
  4. Make your training a Family Event.  Kids are less fit than ever before.  Parents who eat healthful food and who exercise regularly promote healthier habits for their children.  Involve your children in regular physical exercise and training with you for the CCC10k.
  5. When to Stop?  Don’t be tempted to overdo your training.  CCC10k training should be fun, not painful.  If you experience pain, stop training for a day or so until the pain subsides, then begin again.  If pain doesn’t go away, or reoccurs, consult your physician.  Don’t try to train through injuries!
  6. Mix It Up!  Cross-training and interval conditioning strengthens the heart more than pounding away at the same old pace.  Try running one day, speed walking another day and cycling or spinning class another day.  Mix it up and listen to your body.  Different activities will reduce the pounding to the joints from running and will help you build strength and endurance.
  7. Protect your Skin. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 or higher is essential for skin protection to all exposed and unexposed skin along with lightweight, light-colored clothing.  Also, wear a hat and protect your eyes and skin around the eyes by wearing sunglasses that block 90 – 100% of the sun’s UV rays.
  8. Good nutrition is important for a healthy body and to fuel the body for CCC10k training.  Don’t diet, but eat responsibly.  Eat nutritious meals that are satisfying and will give you energy.  Skip the big desserts, but not the fruits, vegetables and protein necessary for a body that is exercising.
  9. Take time to read the CCC10k race instructions that will be in your registration packet and may be found on the official CCC10k website.  Make a plan for arriving at the staring line on time, meeting your friends before and after the race, and where to park and pick up a bus to go back downtown after the race.  The whole event will be more fun if you know where you are going and what to expect!
  10. Plan to attend the CCC10k Health & Fitness Expo, located at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans hotel on Thursday and Good Friday before Race Day!  Lots of fun and lots of information about health and wellness from noted health and wellness experts, cooking and exercise demonstrations and vendors with special “giveaways” and coupons, not to mention the opportunity to purchase the latest, and greatest fitness gadgets and gear! It is all part of the whole CCC10k Experience.
  11. Wondering what to wear to the CCC10k?  ANYTHING you want to wear.  The Classic is our city’s Mardi Gras on feet!  Light weight clothing of a light color will help keep you cool along with sunglasses, hat and sunscreen for skin and eye protection.  Otherwise wear your race number on the front of your outfit of choice – costumes are ALWAYS acceptable, and you will not be alone!  When you check out the CCC10k Expo, you may find the perfect running apparel to complement your fitness accomplishments.
  12. Most Importantly:
    Have fun and enjoy the race!!!!

Local Running Clubs




  • Move Ya Brass Shakeout Group Run/Walk - meets every Monday at 6:00pm near the Crescent Park Mandeville St. stairs (across from Bubba's Produce off N. Peters & Elysian Fields).  Like them on facebook or follow them on twitter/instagram: @mybkrewe


  • Happy's Running Club NOLA - meets every Wednesday at Happy's Irish Pub (1009 Poydras St.), meets at 5:48pm, runs at 6:16pm, 2 for 1 beers afterwards.  About 3 mi route; all ability-levels welcome; free to join.  Like them on facebook
  • New Orleans Track Club - 10-week beginner training program for NOTC members & non-members; meet every Wednesday evening & Saturday mornings.  MORE INFO HERE


  • Varsity Sports NOLA - meets every Thursday at various New Orleans locations for their social runs, meets at 6:16pm, runs at 6:30pm.  Varied routes of 3, 5 & 6 miles; all ability-levels welcome; free to join.  Follow them on facebook


  • Southern Runner - meets every Thursday at their new store location (8123 Oak St).  Runs at 6/6:30pm, all ability-levels welcome, free to join.  MORE INFO HERE




  • Guido Sportif / Varsity Running Club NOLA - meets every Tuesday at Jefferson Playground Track (4100 South Dr.) for a track workout, warm up at 6:00pm, work out at 6:30pm, beer afterwards.  All ability-levels welcome; free to join.  Like them on facebook  
  • Varsity Sports - meets every Thursday from their new store on Metairie Rd (115 Metairie Road, 70005) & runs at 6:15pm


  • Happy's Running Club BR meets every Tuesday across the street from Happy's Irish Pub (136 3rd St.), meets at 6pm, runs at 6:15pm, 2 for 1 beers afterwards.  3.1 mi route; all ability-levels welcome; membership fee requirred.  MORE INFO HERE


  • Fifteenth Street Flyers - meets every Tuesday at Hubie Gallagher Park in Covington at 6:00pm.  All ability-levels welcome; membership fee requirred. MORE INFO HERE


  • Varsity Sports - meets every Thursday at their Mandeville store location at 6:00pm.  Free & all ability-levels welcome.  MORE INFO HERE