Crescent Connection Bridge Run COUNTDOWN:

Bridge Run Training



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A note from the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic Training Director, Gini Davis:

The Crescent Connection Bridge Run is a great summer run that incorporates a scenic view of New Orleans after an early steady, rise UP the Westbank side of the Crescent City Connection before a DOWNHILL into the Riverview area and a Post-Party to celebrate your accomplishment. 

Training for this race should be fairly easy, mileage wise, but a challenge due to the uphill grade early in the race along with possible "sultry" temperature and humidity. Your training should incorporate water stops along with early morning or late day runs and a plan to include some rise in elevation to offer preparation and endurance for up and downhill portions of the race. 

Consult the 2018 Crescent Connection 4 mile Bridge Run Training Guide provided here for walkers and joggers. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN for a thorough medical check-up when beginning a new type of excercise training. Training pace should be easy, do not push yourself as New Orleans heat and humity can be really tough to deal with - physically and mentally. You may choose to do some training indoors. Try a treadmill with cross-training or the elyptical machine or stationary bicycle. Hydrate and re-hydrate gradulally throughout your whole day AND carry cool water with you on your run/walks.


  1. The Training Guide is designed to "train" you for the distance and your race time; however, avoiding injuries is the ultimate goal, thus stretching and strengthening are also important for your muscular system and should not be neglected.  Warm up, either by gentle stretching before you train or by beginning your program with an easy walk before starting to run.  In either case, stretching afterwards is also important and should be incorporated, at the very least for the calf and hamstring muscles that are utilized through the walk/run cycle and further stressed with "up hill" training.
  2. Rest is an active part of training and you will see 2 days per week designated as REST days.  Over-training can lead to injury, and in our hot, humid summer weather may contribute to a chronic level of dehydration that is not good for your health.  Take the rest days from walking or running.  Those days may be used for stretching and/or strengthening at home or gym, or for some recreational cycling or swimming.  You may also want to use cycling, swimming or elliptical as a replacement for another of your walk/run days, particularly as the summer wears on.
  3. The Training Guide is just that, a Training "Guide".  Feel free to change up the rest and activity days.  There is nothing magic about longer runs scheduled on the weekends; move the days and miles around to fit into your daily schedule.  Just do not increase too much, too soon, or too fast, and DO NOT increase your distance and speed training at the same time!  That is a sure bet for producing an injury at some point.
  4. Above ALL else - HAVE FUN!  Enjoy your exercise program and involve friends and family with you for a healthy, enjoyable time together to smile and laugh!  Don't let life just "pass by" - participate in life!