Crescent City Classic COUNTDOWN:

Qualifying Info Crescent City Classic





Runners wanting to be seeded in the faster starting groups A, B, C, or D must provide proof that they have run a 10k time of under:

  • "A" Group: 35:00 min 
  • "B" Group: 40:00 min 
  • "C" Group: 45:00 min
  • "D" Group: 55 min

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  1. If you complete the 2018 FALL Classic - MORE INFO HERE
  2. If you completed the 2018 CCC10k in under 55 mins 
  3. If you complete the 2019 Allstate Sugar Bowl St. Patrick's Day Classic in 16 mins or under (only 2-mile qualifier) - MORE INFO HERE

To register online as a Seeded Runner:

  •  Seeded Runners (those who will finish in under 55:00) should enter their finishing time in the Estimated Finishing Time box when registering.


  • Next, you will be asked to provide a URL for your qualifying results. All qualifying results should be from a race in the previous calendar year.

  • All qualifying times are subject to review and verification. If you do not provide a URL, you cannot start in a seeded corral. 


  • Seeded runners who provide a sub-55 min finishing time, and are accepted, will be assigned to groups A, B, C or D based on their time. Seeded runners will line up in the first four corrals on Race Day, allowing them a clean start before the Charity Corral and with our Elite Athletes.