How Do You Run the Classic?

October 9 2014 | General News

Runner Spotlight: Allie Tran and her family's annual competition at the CCC. 

"We started the annual competition in 2013 when I turned 40 yrs old.  I decided I wanted to run a 10K.  My sister and her boyfriend have been running the CCC for years but I nevered considered joining them because I wasn't a runner and I live in Tennessee now.  But I decided to do the CCC so I could run with family for support.  I challenged all of my siblings and their spouses to join in.  Then I made it into a competition by making trophies.  All of the trophies have cute saying on them.  For example, first place said "Road Warrior" and last place said "pain now, beer later." 

In the 2013 race, I placed 2nd out of all my siblings!  I was very proud of myself since it was my 1st 10k and I was the oldest one out of the group and the mother of 3 kids including twins.  We celebrated that night with dinner and a trophy ceremony.  For the 2014 race, I was determined to place 1st!  I trained harder and worried about every detail including what color shirt to wear.  When it came close to the race, my sister picked up a brochure and discovered we were pictured in it!!!  We were so excited!  On race day, we picked up a bunch of brochures and my sisters were being silly by asking strangers if they wanted their autographs.  For the 2014 race, I place 3rd.  I wasn't happy about being 3rd but I did beat last year's time.  We also got featured in a blog about the race.  We joked that we were becoming the CCC celebrities.

Looking forward to the 2015's race, I have more hope to place 1st.  My sister who won 1st place for two years in a row is having her first baby in December 2014.  I see that as my opportunity to train harder and have a greater chance to win top prize since she will be a tired new mom!  I am even passing up the chance to go on a girls' trip with my best friends to race the 2015 CCC.  I am a determine to take whatever opportunities I get to win and have fun with my family.  This race has become an annual tradition with my family and has brought us closer together!  With each passing year, we are recruiting more friends and family to join us.  The CCC is a great race to be a part of!"

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