Crescent City Classic COUNTDOWN:

Expo FAQs


I registered in advance

What do I need to bring with me to the Expo in order to pick up my bib number, T-shirt, or poster?

You should bring your I.D. / License to pick up your bib number.  In order to pick up your t-shirt, you must have your bib number with you (there is a t-shirt claim tab on the bib that must be taken in exchange for your shirt), so if you had your number mailed to you, you MUST bring this with you to the Expo to receive your race tshirt.  To pick up your poster, please have confirmation that you ordered one.  

I have already received my race number

Can I pick up my t-shirt while I am at the Expo?

YES! The Expo is the recommended place for t-shirt pickup, as we cannot guarantee that we will have your size on Race Day. But remember, you MUST have your bib number with you in order to pick up your t-shirt. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What if I can't make the Expo times?

How do I get my bib number?

If you cannot make it to the Expo, you can have a friend pick up your bib number and t-shirt for you.  Please just provide them with a photocopy of your I.D. or your email confirmation for the event, and make sure they know what size t-shirt you ordered!  THERE IS NO OPTION TO PICK UP YOUR BIB NUMBER ON RACE MORNING, so please make sure that someone is available to come to the Expo on the Thursday or Friday before Race Day, so you can participate.