Crescent City Classic COUNTDOWN:

Course Crescent City Classic


10k Course Description

This fast, point-to-point course is a USAT&F sanctioned and certified 10,000 meters.  It starts in front of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Poydras St., proceeds down Poydras, bears left on Convenetion Center Blvd. then left onto Canal St., before continuing onto N Peters St., where it passes historical Jackson Square.  Participants run through the French Quarter, past Cafe Du Monde and the French Market, before taking a left on Esplanade Ave.  The course continues down beautiful Esplanade Ave. to the front of New Orleans City Park on City Park Ave.  The remainder of the course takes place inside the park, passing by Storyland, before finishing on Lelong Ave. just before the New Orleans Museum of Art, exactly 6.2 miles from the start.  For your own safety: no bikes, rollerblades, skates or pets (other than service animals) are allowed on the course.

Water stations and port-o-lets will be placed at mile markers 1-5.  All water stations will be available on both sides of the street.  Port-o-lets will be placed on the right side of the street.  Please be sure to hydrate prior to and during the race.  Nearly all health issues on Race Day are related to dehydration.  New Orleans EMS units will be stationed throughout the course and at the finish line, along with the Ochsner Medical Team & Tent.  If you cannot finish the race, we will have a vehicle trailing the race that can transport you to the Finish Line.




The race begins on Poydras St., just before Loyola Ave., in Downtown New Orleans.  All of Poydras St. will be closed on Race Day and fenced off from Loyola to Lasalle for Seeded & Charity Runners. Lasalle to Clara will have fenced off corrals for all General 10k Runners (Groups D-G).  All walkers/strollers (Group H) will line up on Sugar Bowl Dr. by the Superdome.  

You can access your starting corral by going up onto the Superdome, and then down Ramp A (*only Seeded & Charity Runners will be able to access their corrals from via Lasalle).  Look at your bib color to find your starting position!  Simply match the color of your bib number to the color of you corral, shown on the map above.

Runners will be moved forward to the actual starting area by corrals.  The race will begin at 8:00 am for the Elite Athletes and all Seeded Runners (groups A-C).  Charity Runners will start next, then Group D (the green corral) will walk up to the start line with volunteers & have their own unique start. Each consecutive group will follow suit thereafter.  Note: All chip timing begins when you cross the start line.  You are NOT penalized for starting near the rear.  Chip time will be used for official results.