2013 CHARITY RUNNERS:          

  1. Mary Lambert   -   has raised $275, thanks to: Ruth Vanderford, Martin Heller, Allison Pena, Lynda Cogar, Mary Lambert, Raymond Stewart, Susan Needom, Jim & Joan Vogel, David Stoughton, & Mary Lambert
  2. Melanie Merz   -   has raised $245, thanks to: Melanie Merz, David Ankers, Stephen and Sony Merz, Bob Rodrigue, Nathan Garnache, Reid Wick, & Sam Nelson
  3. Jennifer Brady   -   has raised $50 so far, thanks to: Carolyn Brady
  4. Sissy Wiggin   -   has raised $455, thanks to: John Wiggin, Mark Wiggin, Christopher Beattie, Charles Wiggin, Rosary Beck, Philip Freemer, Sheila Jackson, Steve Piatek, Jacques Metevier, Toni Eastham, & James Tiebout
  5. Dan Ring   -   has raised $370, thanks to: Jacklyn H Moore, Donna Pahl, "Wannabe In Nola", Bryan Richardson, Gail Leist, David Pendergast, Kathie & Greg Rousseau, Margaret Walker, Timothy Ring, Lisa Powers, Kelly James, Vicki Weber, Tanya Younger, Heather McCamey, Frank Williford, Jeffrey Cail, Lynne Cole, & Amy Smith
  6. Richard David Means   -   has raised $0 so far
  7. Tom Exnicios   -   has raised $300, thanks to: Tom Exnicios
  8. Evanne Casson   -   has raised $100, thanks to: Evanne Casson
  9. Kate Monette   -   has raised $50 so far, thanks to: Kate Monette
  10. Stephanie White   -   has raised $50, thanks to: Stephanie White
  11. Colleen Stephens   -   has raised $215, thanks to: Anne Stephens, Tracy Bowles, D'Ann Stephens, Christine Paxton, Theresa Drago, Colleen Stephens, Anna Guerra, & Tara Brown
  12. Ritchie Jordan   -   has raised $552, thanks to: Chris Rowley, Misty Mars, Kenne Kelley, Jennifer Stradling, Teresa Pulley, Sharon Resnick, Donna Lefont, Pamela Boswell-Dike, Michele Pulver, Adam Thomas, Jan Felix Wolfinger, Sam Schuster, Matthew Whildin, Allison Young, Crystal Bennett, Bill Kuntz, Lauren Yannarella, John Sconza, Melissa Venneri, Dan Harris, Joan Jordan, Ken Cryer, Mae Elizabeth, Janis Kury, Matthew Jordan, Kimberly Runge, Derek Corner & Andre Toujas
  13. Megan Faunce   -   has raised $200, thanks to: David Ankers
  14. Anna Guerra   -   has raised $240, thanks to: Patricia Dowie, Beth Anne Merida, Anna Guerra, Belynda Ortiz, Marie Robb, Gina Christ, Andy Farris, Alexandra Bayer & Laura Kellum
  15. Bob Rodrigue   -   has raised $240, thanks to: Bob Rodrigue, Chris Cooley & Richard Frank
  16. Dave Lewis   -   has raised $65 so far, thanks to: Dave Lewis, Judith Bishop, Jane Resnick, Donald Dickerson, Linda Bishop
  17. Alexandra Buehler   -   has raised $0 so far
  18. Maxton Kennedy   -   has raised $0 so far
  19. Kristin Durand   -   has raised $152, thanks to: Heather Boyle, Genevieve Pope, Bill Scheffler & Andy and Judi Wilkinson
  20. Gene Durand   -   has raised $0 so far
  21. Sarah Miller   -   has raised $195, thanks to: Marie Pinnie, Tree Nelson, Maria Cottrell, Kimball Packard, Bob Rodrigue, Eric Saari & Chris Davis + $75 for other charities thanks to Constance Lockwood
  22. Christine Miller   -   has raised $250 so far, thanks to: Christine Miller & Janice Blackham
  23. Robin Pringle   -   has raised $0 so far
  24. Maria Frank   -   has raised $250 so far, thanks to: Maria Frank, Kevin Cross, Linda Usdin
  25. Sean Meenan   -   has raised $200 so far, thanks to: Sean Meenan
  26. Karen Paige   -   has raised $200, thanks to: Robert Olson
  27. Christy Carney   -   has raised $210, thanks to: Christy Carney, Eric Ward, John Sansone, & John Carney
  28. Bruce Dear   -   has raised $185, thanks to: Mehnaz Hoosein, Julianne Nice, Rosina Castellanos, Leroy Jones, Rachel Sigur, Amy Connolly, Robert McHarg, Robert McHarg, Megan Webbeking & Mehnaz Hoosein
  29. Jacqueline Goodman   -   has raised $50,  thanks to: Jacqueline Goodman
  30. Russell Shelton    -   has raised $130, thanks to: Pam Shelton, Anastasia Shaw, & David Ankers
  31. Eric Ward    -   has raised $380, thanks to: Anastasia Shaw, Eric Ward, Steve Jacobsen, James Doane, Christine Sampley, Jillian Caruthers, Patrick Cross, Carrie Caruthers, Richard Wilkof
  32. Mark Landesman    -   has raised $624.85, thanks to: W Dean Pulley, Dave Ferrato, Mike Keim, Christine Miller, Jessie Scalia, Leanne Geohegan, Damien Kulas, TJ Canton, Dominique Scalia, David Buras, Gordon Muster, Joseph and Lynne Scalia, Kenneth Buckwheat, Paul Voltier, John Schackai, Ian Landesman, & Lisa Landesman
  33. Charlene Parker    -   has raised $200, thanks to: Charlene Parker
  34. Claire Raphael    -   has raised $0 so far
  35. Justin Wright   -   has raised $0 so far
  36. Patricia Kelso-Wright   -   has raised $0 so far
  37. Liz Hartzog   -   has raised $105, thanks to: Elizabeth Hartzog, Darleen Fust, Nancy Hartzog & Liz Hartzog
  38. Larry Rome   -   has raised $200, thanks to: Larry Rome
  39. Andrew Winiarski   -   has raised $225 so far, thanks to: Andrew Winiarski, & Traci Nickels
  40. Henry Billiot   -   has raised $30 so far, thanks to: Henry Billiot & Sarah Green $100 for other charities thanks to Melanie Nowicki & Cherreen Gegenheimer
  41. D Stafford   -   has raised $30 so far, thanks to: David Ankers
  42. Darcy McKinnon   -   has raised $258 so far, thanks to: Beth Jones, Giovanni Nepomuceno, Katie Gladdis, Emmy O'Dwyer, Nicole Brodsky, Celia Mayben, Lindsey McKinnon, Cara Peterman, Aspasia Karamalegos, Jen Picard, Alma Blake, Diana McDougall, David Ankers, Darcy McKinnon & Vera Lester
  43. Gregory Sclama   -   has raised $130 so far, thanks to: Alexis Sclama, Gregory Sclama, Sonya Brzozowski, Stephanie Tavitian, Alice Tran-Dai, Lawrence Lundy & Mina Madani
  44. Frances Davis   -   has raised $0 so far
  45. Annie Hackman-Schrenk   -   has raised $0 so far

+ a $25 donation in the name of Yvonne Le
+ a $50 donation in the name of Maria Pedersen
+ a $100 donation in the name of John Bober

Together you have raised $7,614.85 for WWOZ!  Thank you from all of us and keep up the good work!

To Donate to a Charity Runner above: CLICK HERE

  • Type in a $ amount next to WWOZ on the first page & hit Register
  • Fill out the form with your info, then include the Charity Runner's name at the bottom of the form, where it says "Name of Participant you are donating for" then hit Pay Now

To find out more about who has donated on your behalf, please email

**Please note that info on Charity Runners and Donations are not automatically updated, rather they are batched and updated daily.  We kindly ask for your patience!

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